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What's Up Pussy Cat

2013-04-19 10:37:03 by Kostou

Hey everyone! What a grand spring day!

Yes, I'm still around! Seriously, I'm still drawing and all that jazz. Actually, I'm working harder than ever on my Zelda Toon. There's a snap shot of a scene I've been working on XD. I'm trying to paint every single background. It's challenging since I don't consider myself a great painter but I'm learning slowly. I'm just hoping it all turns out in the end.

Other than workingon this cartoon for the last 2 months and then some I've been trying to promote my YouTubechannel. I want to thank everyone who has helped me on this journey. Starting a YouTube channel is not an easy task, and I'm really grateful for the help I've received. I'm at 249 subscribers and I couldn't have done it without you guys :). I'm sure each one is an awesome individual and thanks for hitting that subscribe button.

Unfortunately, due to the size of this Zelda project, I don't submit as much art on Newgrounds. But, if you really want to follow what I'm doing you can check me out at Twitter or Facebook. I try to keep people up-to-date and give sneak peaks of my work progress.

I'm more active on Facebook to be honest. Let's see, what else. Oh...I'm working on a tumblr right now, but I'm super duper busy on my Zelda toon always day and night haha so I can't garuntee that will be up and awesome and super cool any time soon.

I don't know what else to say....But seriously thanks for viewing my Halo toon in it's high definition version. It's already up to 400 views. Means a lot guys.




What's Up Pussy Cat


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2013-04-19 16:33:53

ur still doing things? i thought u died of old age? jk XD


2013-04-20 04:54:55

who are you and where you from.. I didn't even now that you were gone or excised. Welcome back

Kostou responds:

I'm kostou. I hail from newgrounds.


2013-04-20 22:39:12

i could kiss you right now

Kostou responds:

Muah. Thanks for the comment man