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2013-04-04 16:52:49 by Kostou

Hey, I did something that should have been done a long time ago. I uploaded my Halo video to YouTube in high definition! Yay.

Also, been streaming a lot. You can check out the stream HERE.

Been doing a bunch of commissions too, that's kind of fun XD. But ya, a lot of my energy is being put into this Zelda toon. It's been 2-3 months now on this project and it's beginning to take shape. I'm really excited.

Well, anyway, thanks for the support everyone. Remember to check out my Facebook or Twitter if you are interested in knowing what's going on with my art. Bye now.


Streaming and YouTubing


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2013-04-04 23:09:27

Robin hud

Kostou responds:

:) thank you for the comment.


2013-04-05 04:00:10

Two months! Must be greatness in the making.