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2/6/13 by Kostou

what's that in the background?



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wow lucky

i cant see with tom fulp getting in the way

2/7/13 Kostou responds:

what is my tech support doing on here? ooo it's you. ;)

Oh, ho-ho. I see what you did there. There's actually two screens in the background, but one is lit up to have us mistake it for your computer, which is really behind that lit-up screen. Now, I have no idea what this could possibly be, but it's shape reminds me of a...Wii U(?) Then again, maybe it's a pimped-up ipad.

As for my second guess -- if I even get one -- I pick the the little poster on the top left, not sure what it is exactly, but it has a stamp of approval on it, mate. Must be rather important, eh? That's my assumption anyway.

2/7/13 Kostou responds:

Woah u really analyzed it hahaha. It is my new Cintiq!

Uh don't know :P

2/7/13 Kostou responds:

Starts with a c

A meatloaf?

2/7/13 Kostou responds:

Mmmm meatloaf

A cintiq!!!!!

2/7/13 Kostou responds:




A poster of the presidents?

I'll bite, what is it?

2/7/13 Kostou responds:

Look up hehe


2/7/13 Kostou responds:

:) yay