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Cartoon Update!

2013-01-30 14:29:51 by Kostou

Hey everyone! It's Kostou here again! I got an update on the flash you can see by clicking that video.

Basically, expect the flash out within two weeks, but not February 1st!

I just wanna thank everyone for their support as I'm taking on this project, and I especially want to thank SpeedoSausage for voicing one of the characters (Dr.Willy) in the cartoon.

Keeping it short guys! Love y'all. Peace


Cartoon Update!


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2013-01-30 14:42:46

As I scrolled down, I was like 'ew.. warts... oh, thOSE LIPS!'

Kostou responds:

dem lips!


2013-01-30 15:21:10

I wanna this!
Very interesting ;)

Kostou responds:

thanks! i'm glad it interests you :D YAY