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Megaman Video

2013-01-16 12:21:03 by Kostou

Hey, So I'm making a Megaman cartoon that should be right around 30 seconds long. It's well on the way and should be done by February. I'm not sure how to say this, but I really could use some support if you are interested. Either way the cartoon will be done, I'm sucking eggs is all. Hope you enjoy the video at least.

My PayPal is kostou@hotmail.com

Megaman Video


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2013-01-16 13:37:12

He's looking down at something... with that face... so... THIS LOOKS PROMISING! :D

Kostou responds:

he sure is :D thanks for the comment man!


2013-01-16 14:17:00

Yay, it's about X. I'm also working on one.

Kostou responds:

right on man! Thanks for the comment XD.