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LMAO Zelda A Link to the Past

2013-01-07 11:55:23 by Kostou

So, I've been doing a lot of art and gaming videos.

I started a play through of Zelda A Link to the Past with my buddy Saminat.

I also have something really super duper cool coming out with Rambojoe soon on my Youtube. Make sure to catch it at www.youtube.com/user/kostou100

Anyway, thanks everyone for the commissions and such! It really helps me on my artistic journey. I don't want to make this too long, but seriously thanks. I owe y'all a lot.


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2013-01-07 12:06:52

LTTP is my all time favorite game!

Kostou responds:

:D I'm having a blast playing it with Sam!


2013-01-07 13:10:31

We have no idea what the heck we are doing, but it certainly is fun!

Kostou responds:

lets own it up tonight...lol


2013-01-07 16:15:59

I've had that game since 6th grade and I still play it. It's what got me into the LoZ series.

Kostou responds:

it is a classic! thanks for the comment man and game on!


2013-01-08 03:50:28

I had this game since I was 5. I still have the same SNES from back then too.

Kostou responds:

Aww, thnaks for the comment buddy and I hope you enjoy the video then!