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LMAO Zelda A Link to the Past

2013-01-07 11:55:23 by Kostou

So, I've been doing a lot of art and gaming videos.

I started a play through of Zelda A Link to the Past with my buddy Saminat.

I also have something really super duper cool coming out with Rambojoe soon on my Youtube. Make sure to catch it at

Anyway, thanks everyone for the commissions and such! It really helps me on my artistic journey. I don't want to make this too long, but seriously thanks. I owe y'all a lot.


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2013-01-07 12:06:52

LTTP is my all time favorite game!

Kostou responds:

:D I'm having a blast playing it with Sam!


2013-01-07 13:10:31

We have no idea what the heck we are doing, but it certainly is fun!

Kostou responds:

lets own it up


2013-01-07 16:15:59

I've had that game since 6th grade and I still play it. It's what got me into the LoZ series.

Kostou responds:

it is a classic! thanks for the comment man and game on!


2013-01-08 03:50:28

I had this game since I was 5. I still have the same SNES from back then too.

Kostou responds:

Aww, thnaks for the comment buddy and I hope you enjoy the video then!