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BanjoKazooie and Zelda

2013-01-05 01:45:41 by Kostou

Woah, Banjoa Kazooie and Zelda?

That's right, I'm playing through Banjoa Kazooie and you can see it at www.youtube.com/user/kostou100.

I'm also playing through Zelda A Link to the Past with Saminat! You can also see that at my youtube channel.

Thanks for your support guys!

Love ya!


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2013-01-05 02:23:41

I have to create a youtube. When I do, I'm your next sub. Great playthrough of the Mega Man X! I wish you the best of your travels on youtube.

Kostou responds:

Thanks man! Means a lot.


2013-01-05 21:21:56

I don't know what the heck I'm doing!

Kostou responds:

same here!