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2012-12-20 10:53:13 by Kostou
Updated has launched!

Expect web comics and all kinds of cool things :D.

Also, this is a GREAT time to get commissions from me and support the website.

Thanks guys.

Also, got a big job interview today. Wish me luck



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2012-12-20 14:49:11

If you're interviewing to be the cutest guy around, you just might win!


Kostou responds:

Aww thanks for the morale boost! You're looking pretty slick too Best Buy Sales Associate!


2012-12-20 16:58:07

Fucking Awesome man!!! haha

Kostou responds:

it didnt go so awesome but ya!


2012-12-20 20:37:12

Cutest guy around?! B-but, that's my title!!!

Kostou responds:

lol. this made me roll :D. thanks sam.