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2012-12-09 21:33:54 by Kostou

Soo, I'll keep it short.


I'm doing commissions and you can find out ALL about it here----> www.kostou.deviantart.com

I try to keep prices reasonable and am willing to work out deals. Special thanks to everyone who has been supporting me through commisions! It really does help.

That drawing is a commission I'm working on right now, actually. Like it?


I'm still running that sweepstakes at my YouTube channel too!

If you wonder how I do the things I do, check out my YouTube channel!

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, oh yes, did you get to see my latest drawing yet? It's cool ----------> BIOHAZARD


Thank You NewGrounds! The art portal is what keeps my art going! :D

YouTube and Commissions


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2012-12-10 10:53:44

wow it's amazing i really can't wait to see it in colors

Kostou responds:

thanks sam!!


2012-12-10 11:34:01

Yeah, this is looking real good man.

Kostou responds:

thanks !!! :P