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2012-12-03 10:22:29 by Kostou


Hi everyone! If you enjoy my art, don't be afraid to contact me about a commission, really! In fact, I really enjoy doing art for you guys and it helps me out a ton! Did I mention the art I do makes for great wallpapers for your computer or phone? All you have to do is...

Follow these 3 EASY steps

#1) Contact me via skype: Kostou5 or private message with your request.kostou@hotmail.com works too!

#2) Wait for my confirmation and a price quote and then pay via PayPal: kostou@hotmail.com

#3) Receive your art THAT day or shortly after.

I made this handy dandy commission picture to help you get an idea as far as prices are concerned!

Also, special thanks to linkstering for letting me do "Love is in the Air." He's a really cool guy!

Thanks Guys I appreciate YOUR support through commissions. This is what keeps my art alive.

Also Awesome Giveaway That You Can Learn About By Watching This Video. Again Thank You

Commissions and YouTube


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