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Calendar Submission and Art Trades

2012-10-07 22:48:09 by Kostou

Yay, my calendar submission is done!

You can view it here : http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/kostou/neo-tr iumvirate

This was such an awesome learning experience!

Thanks to all the fans who encouraged me a long the way. That really helps and makes it possible!

If you want to play games just add me to steam: Neukost

Also!!! Rambojoe and I are doing weekly art trades.

Three simple Things To Know!

#1 Submit on Friday at 6:00 PM Mountain Time

#2 Stay on Topic

#3 MAKE SURE TO TAG IT AS "ngartrade" *this ensures we will see your art.*

Art Trade #1

Draw an armored female warrior fighting some kind of monster.

Calendar Submission and Art Trades


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2012-10-08 04:06:38

very extremely nice

Kostou responds:

very extreme thank you!


2012-10-13 21:45:24

weiners in my mouth