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Sup guys?

2012-10-06 22:43:58 by Kostou

Hey, anyone wanna play on steam with me????

U can...just add me...we might have some grand adventures.: Neukost (Kostou was taken )

anyway just working on my calendar project when I can find time.
Thanks for the support fans. I loves ya.

Sup guys?


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2012-10-06 22:52:41

Can i add you :D ? well im going to anyways

Kostou responds:

ya of course you can! :)


2012-10-06 23:04:52

That is fucking amazing!!!


2012-10-06 23:04:54

That is fucking amazing!!!

Kostou responds:

thanks dude! :D :D :D :D


2012-10-07 10:35:14

Its coming along brilliantly, maaaan. I ENVY YOUR DEDICATION

Kostou responds:

Thanks speedo ya swell guy. Unfortunately my process sucks and it's taking way too many hours, or should I say days, to finisH this lol....I'm too stubborn to quit tho.


2012-10-07 17:37:07

I would play with you, but my computer is shit, so I'm trying to build a new one.

Calendar's looking great DO0D!

Kostou responds:

thanks buddy! build a new rig for sure. we can play castle crashers.