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Can He Do It?

2012-10-04 23:22:49 by Kostou

Ok, I don't know if i'll have my calendar project finished in time!

So, I'll just keep updating how far I am right here on this post!

that's all.

Can He Do It?


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2012-10-04 23:46:24


Kostou responds:

thanks ZJ...i gotta stop bugging people in the forum and just focus lol...

the forum is my new addiction and it brings out the worst in me....i seriously have never used forums ever before and i'm suddenly like fighting urges to always browse this one.

anywho, i appreciate the encouragement! nice glasses btw, thats a cool pic.


2012-10-05 02:48:59

NEVER SURRENDER You're off to a really good start!

Kostou responds:

Thanks buddy! I put in 3 more hours last night, and i hardly made a dent...i must be doing something wrong. Oh well, let's see how long this can take to complete! lol